Sunday, 8 November 2015

Happy Days

Last MJ Saturday class for the sem! Can't believe the sem is coming to and end so soon?? Like Harpeet said, "university life will fly by so get the fullest out of it"!

Today's class was really super fun, and I think the seniors' enthusiasm contributed to it :-) Hope us juniors can become like them soon ^_^ They are so incredibly talented yet humble.

Slowly getting to know more MJ people too, so I am happy for that! And I am sure we will bond more as we perform together ^_^ To future events!!

Eliz's 21st birthday surprise!!

N A U T I C A L   T H E M E

Hehe, she was so happily surprised that she cried, nawh~ Seeing her happy made me genuinely happy - such a warm, nice feeling inside. I haven't had so much fun and laughter in a long time, I don't know how many times I laughed till my stomach ached today. Thankful for the pigeons who joined hall dance and for them hall dance peeps. Hopefully more Bionic dancers can hang out in the future and we can become tight hehe ^_^

'Blessed' is the word of the day.
To the friends who share the same passion; are kind; make me laugh; reassure me that not everyone in the world has malicious intent (inserts media law content weew).

More happy days to come :-)