Sunday, 15 November 2015

Week 13

Met up with this grumpy old man for dinner and shopping in the West. Tried Lenas for the first time - the food is good, but the portions are so below expectations for its price :-(

Bought some good items (I would say) that I know I can use with whatever existing clothes I have now haha.

Poor beebs was feeling rather menopause-ish HAHA. BULLYING ME, HUH??



Though our group's performance rehearsals was pretty rushed, everything turned out real well! Best run even with some mistakes:

1. Zest forgot his lines during scene 2 HAHA. Caifeng said she could not stop laughing. Zest was stuck and trying very hard to find his line, when suddenly, "methods". So I worked with what we had and said the following lines HAHA! The funny thing was that the class didn't seem to notice this hiccup as they didn't mention it during our feedback session. So, yay!(?)

2. I could not walk properly with the heels I borrowed from Pearly. Furthermore, I almost walked out for scene 3 without shoes because I forgot to put them on. At that moment, I realized that I hadn't tried walking in those heels during rehearsals so GG??!! I kept stumbling on my way to the table in the middle of the stage, oh noooo.
At the last part of scene 3 I had to get up and walk towards the two Violets, and as that action drew near I knew the heels would get in the way. So I just took them off in my character and stomped my way through the last part HAHA! Improv at the best.


Good times with the entire bunch of CDP101 mates. I remember telling Chek that Uni is all about these kind of moments - enjoying the modules you want to take out of passion and interest + taking them with people who are just as or even more passionate about it


Always a good time with these people :-) I think I found a place in hall?? Haha, that's how they make me feel - at home and appreciated. For them and dance I want to give my all and more than I believe myself to be able to give.

Everything is about going through life with the right vibe; the right mindset. It started with the captains, but I want to keep the passion burning and maybe start a fire within someone. Does that even make sense, haha.

Little Foo flew off to the jungles, leaving me to continue book in life for the next 3 weeks. (He looks like a frog here HAHA)

Hopefully he's not worrying too much about me as he makes his way through trees and mud :O

No pictures from today, but I went for Amsyar's class after some time! I feel myself gaining more courage and confidence :') It's quite heartwarming - like a bubbling sensation within my tummy that grows slowly.

I watched the video that was recorded for today's class and I can see small changes and improvements in my dance steps, which I am happy for.

I pushed myself today and I didn't give up throughout the class (which I seriously thought I would).

From a text, "we got to keep on pushing... to improve and not get stuck at a certain point."

Thankful for such people who desire to see other improve, using their talents to help more than beyond themselves. Pretty cool, hopefully I can do that too haha.