Friday, 27 November 2015

Time For Love

Heard from Lynette that triggerabbit wasn't having class :-( BUT then I decided to go back to STEP for Edmund's and Step's class instead!! Hadn't seem them in such a long time hehe. I didn't tell them I was coming so when I entered the studio, Edmund was like "Who is this????", and only when Edmund started teaching class did Step realise I was in the studio hahaha.

Edmund and Sean are so alike even in their different ways, it really made me smile throughout class. We did his continuation to "Time For Love" by Chris Brown.

(not my photo hehehe)

After that I continued on with Step's Street Jazz - her choreo was really nice!!! I think it's also because now I can appreciate this style more and have a greater interest in it :-) We danced to an old song, "Video Phone" hehe! Really happy I left class with moves I want to improve on!

On a side note, it was really nice seeing and catching up with Emma. She's really improved!!

After class Deo, Edmund and I just sat and talked about uni life and caught up on each other's lives. We didn't realise the time and just continued until Step suggested that we should go for supper (IN THE WEST INITIALLY OMG). Thankfully we decided on Upp Thomson or else I wouldn't know how to get back.

Got to know another recital mate better and also catch up with the rest. Super duper fun night, no ragrats hahaha! Probably why I woke up only at 12pm today!! Crazy but a good crazy :-)

Important note: this is time to make a positive change.