Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Singapore National Gallery

New shelter way built from the bus stop at St. Andrew's Cathedral to the National Gallery! It's really pretty with the reflections :-)

Traveller mama chin as my photo subject for the day.

Haha, I find it cute how I pointed my camera upwards and my mum immediately looked up as well. Really like this shot!

The architecture of the museum is really beautiful! Interesting how they turned the ex-Supreme Court into a gallery. However, my mum and I found the arrangement of art pieces rather confusing. We felt they were just hung up randomly and the structure of some exhibitions made it awkward to view the art pieces.

:-) Love this shot too - children don't hide their emotions.

One of the interesting art techniques I saw: Woodcut.

I found this piece pretty interesting because compared to every other older pieces, this one used neon colours.

I'm pretty happy that I saw so many people at the National Gallery. Even if they were just snapping away at the description boxes or their children, I feel/hope that art can be more appreciated in SG. This week I discovered a variety of different art exhibitions happening/going to happen around the city and that's cool! I sense a growing interest for the arts and I'm really excited about it :-)

Mama chin trying to act sad in the holding cell.

(when mama chin and I felt we had enough of looking at paintings hahaha)

s p a c e

It was raining pretty heavily but we were indoors - it was beautiful how the rain poured down on the glass ceilings, and everyone just stood and watched.

Just realised we didn't manage to see the more well-known architectural dome structure that people have been posting on Instagram (the white round thing in the middle of the picture). Meh, hahaha!