Saturday, 26 December 2015


Christmas Eve!

Making satay for a nice chill night :-)

Liquid flames

Super inefficient - 4 sticks at once hehe. However, the charcoal made the satays taste so much better! My hard work of turning them sticks paid off hehe ^_^
Lamb > chicken

Stupiak boy refusing to pose properly for me HAHAHA love him.

Christmas day!!

Morning impromptu breakfast at Polo Club with the one and only. (Was going to write some mushy stuff but deleted it hahaha) Happy for all the changes we've been through together!

Checking out one of the condos my mum rents out. Apparently she thought of moving here once but we never did.

Met up with this devil boy to do some last minute Christmas shopping :-)

Those unexpected shots :-)

Finally got to enter this iconic ION Christmas tree?? It's really a pretty surprise :-) Stuffy but beautiful.

True form of the boyfriend Foo.


Chek's house. Dream house. 

That light though, weeeeet!