Friday, 18 December 2015

Cameron Highlands (15 Dec - 16 Dec)

Chilling at Golden Mile while waiting for our bus to come - it was delayed by quite a bit :'( 

After a long 7 hour journey + 1 cab ride, we arrived at our accommodation!! Strawberry Park :-) It's a really pretty and calming place.

Still laughing at how the 4 of us slept through the entire bus ride. No toilet breaks, no waking up to drink water or anything. Those motion sickness pills Micko gave us sure did the trick in keeping us drowsy HAHA! 

Christmas vibes with Cameron Highland's cool weather ^_^

The view from our balcony!! I love how everywhere is (literally) surrounded by greenery.

Loved the interior design of the hotel rooms!! It was clean and modern-looking hehe. 

Spring rolls to start off our first meal of the trip :-) We took a taxi to Tanah Rata and found some lunch in the area. 

Always excited to explore the road side stores we see, even if they do sell almost the same things everywhere haha.

An old school rubber band gun!!! Was quite tempted to purchase it actually. 


These cakes were really good, and for their affordable prices :-) I got a red velvet favloured one, but I think I really liked the mint cheesecake one :-) 

Off to the BOH Tea Plantation! All 4 of us fell asleep at one point of time in the taxi, so when I woke up and realised that I couldn't go back to sleep. Such an awkward situation to fall asleep in a stranger's car hahaha. 

 Kind of regret not getting any tea from here because it's really not bad! Hehe, at least I enjoyed the great view :-) 

Tea trees everywhere!!!! Learnt quite a bit from the taxi driver who took us here. He told us that these tea trees are cut and shortened to prevent them from growing larger. This makes it easier for people to pluck the tea leaves and harvest them. -sads- 

I really like this shot!! Looks like we're part of some Cameron Highland tourist brochure promoting the tea plantation heh. 


Thanks Weiqi for taking such nice photos of me :> 

Best part of the day(?) - sitting on a small log and enjoying the scenery. 

PASAR MALAM - much larger than the ones in Singapore and runs throughout almost the whole day haha. 

Poor kids unsatisfied with their sweet potatoes and bubble tea. 

When in a foreign country, the urge to try fast food restaurants is real. Just to see how different the food there is haha!

 Buffet breakfast was... AMAZING!!!! Definitely what I miss a lot HAHA :-( Seriously though.

omelete bomb! 

Strawberry farm!!! We went to The Big red Strawberry Farm, as recommended by a taxi driver from the day before.

Sadly what he said about the strawberries being sour, is true. Mass production why you do this!?

Two small cuties cutting them strawberries! 

Learning new things everyday: strawberries grow out from these cute white flowers!!

Just as amazed at the amount of strawberries as I was at the view. 

Scones with strawberry jam, strawberry fried ice cream, strawberry pancake, strawberry sundae, and a strawberry milkshake.

The ultimate strawberry meal haha!

Cactuses are so cute :-) 

Off we went to the Time Tunnel. I really enjoyed this spot because I also learnt more about Cameron Highland while reminiscing about the past with all the artefacts. 

Old toys from the past!! 

Goodies, goodies and more goodies! 

We all got one rubber ball because when you see those candy shaped toy machines, how can you resist?? 

Stumbled upon an arcade while walking away from the Time Tunnel and it was such a cute find. 


My satisfied face at stumbling upon such a view when we were just exploring a random shopping mall haha. 

Soaking it all in

tasting our very sour strawberries :< 

Last morning in Cameron Highlands! 

I wish I had more appetite to stuff myself with the awesome buffet food but sadly I couldn't down more than two servings :< 

The last photo I took before my camera battery died on me HAHA. Such a pretty place I stumbled upon while exploring the area right before we had to leave Cameron Highlands. It's such a strange place because you know Cameron is in Malaysia but when you're there you forget that. You unconsciously see yourself in some Western era with cottage houses and coniferous trees.

Even though I didn't really like how we had to cab everywhere we went, I did enjoy the trip :-) The though t of the Steamboat we had on our first night makes me drool heh! The weather was really good and this short trip helped me breakaway a little from last week's crazy dance schedule. Any opportunity for me to take out my camera and fully utilise it always makes me happy :> Got some really memorable shots from here!