Sunday, 20 December 2015

Mid December

Chek's graduation as a 3SG!!!

Happy for the little man, hehe :-)
Look at the jawline sia ^_^ 

Always capturing his mum when her eyes are closed - I feel so bad :< But I could tell she was really happy that day! 

Meet up with these cuties!!
Had Fat Boys for dinner - so good, I was so happy haha. Every class outing turns out this way HAHA so sad :< But I'll still have hope for a day when Osmond doesn't get confined and the outing doesn't involve Chek HAHA. 

AOS Sundate
We spammed watch AOS and can't believe how long we haven't watched it. Everything is so intense now, I can't wait to start on season 3 :-) 

Sunday brunch with my Chins
Having some prata and palak paneer, which was really good! Dad told us we were sitting at the table the PM sat at haha.

After this we walked around Mustafa and it was just a really great morning annoying these Chins hehehe.