Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Bionic Christmas Party

Food galore at Adam's house! We had vegetarian fried rice, vegetarian shepherd's pie, fries, pizza, mushrooms, Old Chang Kee goodness and more!

Haowen getting it onz with his reindeer hair band oh yeas. 

December babies with some out-of-the-box chocolate cake brought by Joyce truly hahaha.

Jello shots brought by Anna! So so pretty oh my gosh :-) 

Cheers to the next few (but actually very short) months ahead!!!

Luck wasn't on Joyce's side that night, she lost for both rounds of King's cup hahaha!

T'was a great night with good food and company I wouldn't trade for :-) OTHER THAN THE FACT that I was barely surviving from a sore throat. The aftereffects were terrible but just thankful for these hall dance people :-)