Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Singapore: Inside Out

Decided to visit this exhibition since I was in the area. I really enjoyed the guided tour because it gave me a greater understanding of each display. After which I could move around at my own pace and look at everything in more depth.

I think this was my favourite exhibition on display because it was playing around with the idea of Singapore tourism and how the country packages things for others to see. 

Music rooms - was exposed to some really cool locally-produced music! 

This was part of a food exhibition, which aimed to show how Singapore is a mixed blend of flavours due to our culture and outside influences.

Chocolate lollipops were stuck onto the ceiling and visitors were asked to take one. There were normal milk chocolate flavoured ones and chilli flavoured ones - it's quite obvious I took the latter haha! Strange taste but cool concept :-)

When I went back to this exhibition (you're suppose to go and draw and create your own art as a way on interacting with the artist himself), this man was sitting down drawing intricate designs on the wall. I wondered if he was the creator of the whole leaf-like drawings that covered the right side of the ceiling; and if he continued his section bit by bit every day of the exhibition.


This exhibit was closed because the mud hadn't settled in - I imagined the artists would have been pretty bummed out since they can't let visitors experience their art. 

Felt slightly awkward to be walking around alone but it gave me time and space to think about the displays and it was cool :-)

Met my main chins for dinner @ Mrs. Pho (SO GOOD!!) - delicious pho and meatballs and wraps.