Wednesday, 9 December 2015

HCDC '15

Didn't go for HOT, but got to go for the 2 days of HCDC - guess it's a blessing in disguise?? The past two days have been crazy fun and I am having post camp withdrawal symptoms??? I thought it'd just be a really fun camp and I'd go home learning from the classes but nOpe. Here I am feeling bummed out because the camp is over? It was worse an hour ago when the feeling hit me HAHA.

Group 6!! Quite funny how we never gave ourselves another group name - even funnier how the other groups didn't either HAHA!

Super nice bunch of people :-) Thanks for letting us lead y'all even though I have no idea what I am doing as a GL hahaha. I guess like they say, dance brings people together #mushy #stop 

Riana's Street Jazz class!! Really enjoyed this class - so much energy and I just had fun all the way exploring my body movements. Her energy is amazing and she's really cute ^_^ Starting to enjoy these genres of dance more and it just opens up a whole new spectrum of things for me to work on as a dancer. Sadly there isn't any other group photos uploaded yet of us with the instructor who came :'(

But yeah Alif and Kate Willis came to teach us too and it really showed me how much more I can improve on my groove and understanding my body. It seems actually quite terrifying now hahaha but it gives me that encouragement to start working on these little details. Furthermore, I finally truly see the importance of looking yourself in the mirror / watching videos of yourself dancing. I know instructors always say it's for "improvement" but I never really 100% believed it. Today, I do. HAHA! If you don't watch yourself you have no idea how on earth you're executing the moves + how the rest of your body is moving. For example I was watching my group's video for Alif's choreo and I didn't realise that my hands were flailing when I did certain moves. So ugly HAHAHA but yeah point made. 

Was blessed with this beautiful view on the first night of the camp. Those wispy clouds~ (do I get points for fancy words hahaha) 

Why is my face so chubby HAHA! Went to see Harpreet for the last time before she left :( Quite sad that I only got to know her, and not very well, when she had to leave. She's really nice and friendly and has great energy for dance (as Pat says haha). She's so humble and grateful too, sighhhh. Hope she continues her dance journey back in the UK :-) 

We had some midnight adventures trying to find her room because we wanted to surprise her hehe!

WHEN WE FINISHED CHOREO-ING AND LEARNING OUR SHOWCASE PIECE IN LIKE (ALL TOGETHER) 3 HOURS PLUS MAX. I was so worried that we'd totally screw our showcase piece because we were the last group to start on it: didn't decide on a song piece till day 2 2am + didn't start choreographing till day 2 12pm. SOMEHOW IT HAPPENED AND THE THING IS WE ALL DID IT TOGETHER. I remember day 1 night I was complaining to my other GL that I was so sian (feel weird using singlish in my blog) seeing other groups stay back to choreo so late and our group seemed like no effort to even care about song choice HAHA. Then one member stepped up and suggested a song and even edited it and came up with a concept. I am sure the pressure to finish in time made us more efficient; it definitely made me more nervous and bossy (I am so sorry kids). However, once he told us his idea we all kind of rolled with it and everything went so smoothly. Really have to thank the senior in our group for helping us piece everything together - she gave us tips and helped with the visuals. The whole piece turned out well??? To me it did, actually I really loved it hahaha. We didn't win top 3 but I really couldn't care any less because that's how good I think our item was HAHA. I loved the fusion of three group's ideas and how different each segment was in terms of style. The song was "Shots" and yet we put in Street Jazz style, Hip Hop style and clean sharp choreo. I had so much fun dancing even though we were pressed for time like crazy.

SIX for S(E)XY
Can't think of anymore word plays because it's late hahaha. However, just wana say I see so much potential in this group of individuals. Even if our paths don't cross again, I am happy knowing that they will do great in the future with their talents.

Many thanks to my GL partner!! Didn't even expect there to have any GLs for this camp AND I WAS MADE ONE?? I "volunteered", said the committee HAHA. Still remember scrolling through the GL pairings and too coincidental but Wei Jie turned out to be my partner HAHA. Not too many days back we started talking more and even went for dance class together, and poof he was my GL partner. Cool because if it were anyone else it'd be more awkward haha. Thankful to have made closer dance friends over these 2 short days like yeah really haha. Also, first time leading a group in a camp and it was pretty fun!!

Hall 2 Bionic!!!! Or whoever who stayed back hahaha - missing a few people :'(

Thanks for bending down to accommodate me, yeah??? Never seen Yu Han so short in my life hahaha. They were like why make Jaime stand beside Yu Han and I didn't get it until I looked up to see his face. GIANT VS. ANT

Pretty impressed by how the studio managed to fit 120+ people HAHA! Anyways, this camp has been amazing and I can't wait for next year's one (if I am joining hall dance again hahaha). If only my hall's dance vibe was like this heh. Anyway, great time and looking forward to the rest of the week that is super packed haha.