Saturday, 11 July 2015

Singapore Zoo

 Went to the zoo with little Foo! ^_^ Tickets were bought as a package from Qoo10 along side our S.E.A Aquarium ones tickets!

 Chek noticed this feather floating on the little pond.

 The Proboscis Monkey that was just munching away! I really remember this exhibit having more monkeys when I came about 3 years ago D;

 Cute otters cleaning themselves~

 Babirusa! Two of them enjoying an afternoon mud bath.

 The White Tigers just lazing around haha - I think it's because it was not feeding time yet.

The Zoo's new slogan is: "YOU BUY, THEY DIE"

Haha, pretty in your face but it's true! It's plastered all over the place :O

 Taking short breaks - why is this NS Man so tired during his block leave hahaha.

 Smiling turtle :>

 HIPPO HIPPO - Every animal was pretty much lazing around.

 Fish that did not move. Chek's theory is that there aren't any animals in the zoo, and that the ones we see are just mechanical structures HAHA.

 Red River Hog! It has a very large face.

 I think it noticed my presence hehe.


 Alphas getting themselves cleaned by them wives.

 So strange seeing how similar humans are to monkeys. From the way we sit (above) to the way to inspect objects and so much more.

 MONGOOSE! Memories of Nodame Cantabile come to mind when I saw these creatures haha!

 LOOK AT THIS BABY MONKEY RUBBING IT'S NOSE! WHAT, human or monkey what even.

 Chek says this is us HAHA! I only agree to a certain extent because I do inspect him as such sometimes hehe!

 :> We managed to see the cutie koalas! We were going to leave because they were resting, but then they got up from their slumber!! Sleepy eyes, so cute ^_^

 So wide awake seeing people staring back at them.

Fun fact: A Koala's pregnancy lasts about 35 days!!!

Cool pop art at the Australian Outback section!

 Loving the lighting hehe ^_^

 ORANG UTAN SPOTTED! Their arms and legs are really muscular for them to be able to swing across vines.

 Inuka the Polar Bear! Hope she's not feeling too hot D; She was very big though!

 That butt

 "Oh ma gaad"

 Meerkats ^_^

Hehe, watched as these two meerkats turned their heads left and right. They were really quite attentive to their surroundings and the sounds of birds.

 This little one was on the lookout too!

 I finally believe Chek when he said "Giraffes have blue tongues!" Can't blame me because he makes up stories every other day!!

Pretty funny how the giraffes automatically stick their tongues out when visitors approach them. It's like their saying, "Gimme! Gimme! *slurp*"

 There was another giraffe that was pretty chill and did not even bother going to the feeding area to get carrots! It seemed pretty content with the food it was given.

 New area in the zoo! It's a mini garden that grows a lot vegetables/fruits/seeds etc!

 Pomelo :O

 These are sesame seed plants!! How cool, man :D

 Asparagus plant?? So pretty ^>^

 Very soulful looking monkey!

 This monkey reminds me of Yoda hahaha

 Lemur family!! Super cute how they were cleaning one another and just chilling together ^_^ Kinda reminds me of Pearly's family HAHA!

 Beautz parrot ^_^

 My thoughts: "Why. Are. Ducks. So. High. Up. Here???"

These ducks seem like that bunch of people you meet in life who are fearless and living life to its fullest each day HAHA!

 These goats were (too) excited about the leaves!!

 Very informative sign!!

Finally saw the flamingoes HAHA! We were wondering where they were on the map D; Guess all the animals decided Friday was the day to chill and snooze in~ The zoo is going through quite a number of renovations so some of the animal attractions are closed :O We did not know that but oh wells, we only have 1 block leave don't we!

Maybe next time we'll be back for the River Safari!!! ^_^