Monday, 13 July 2015

STEP Recital Post Production Party (12 July)

 Forgot that it was a PARTY so we wore our dance clothes HAHA! We still had fun anyway ^_^

 :') Thanks Jazzreel for the beautiful roses!!

 Post dance battle faces HAHA! Had fun seeing everyone else have fun hehe! Missing Jocelyn who left earlier, and Pearlyn and Lynette who could not make it!

Can't wait for our next meet up when Deo and Sean return from LA ^_^

Also, apparently Deo and Sean wrote some words on the back of the photographs in the heart shaped photo frame present they gave us!! Guess they're pretty good and keeping secrets and surprises too HAHA! Now we are just waiting for all the words to come in so we can see what they have to say to us!

Hehe, might as well reminisce a bit and post some pictures from recital itself!!

 (Photo Credits: OneFootPrint Photography)

The subsequent photos were taken by a dancer's friend!

 The super impromptu "5 Musketeers" Showcase!

 At least Deo managed to show off some of his beat boxing skills!!

Hehe, I really like this picture!! It's well composed and captures the essence of the moment!!