Tuesday, 7 July 2015

S.E.A Aquarium & Sentosa Beach

Someone looking hella fine~

Didn't take the monorail across because we got to save the moolah~ Also, the entry via walking is FREE because it's SG50 whee ^_^

Finally arrived on the island after slow escalator rides hehe!

Sat down to rest from the exhausting heat!
Found this cute flower that dropped.

Only model but best model :-)

I was pretty disappointed at first because I thought the aquarium was going to be tiny. (Guess I was wrong!)

I found it really funny how there is a Fish & Co. at the S.E.A Aquarium D;

You heard it.

According to Chek, I am the peasant while he is the magical fairy. THANKS BOY!

When you enter, you are brought through the maritime museum (whether you like it or not). I did learn some new things in the process of making my ticket's worth!

Chek found a friend.

This was so cool! The wood is like black :O

Yes, I found this extremely interesting!!! There was even a game to help us understand how navigators determined their position when sailing :-)

By the way, to see this mini attraction as well as a short cinematic show you have to pay $2! But it is totally worth it!!! Shan't spoil the experience but if you ever visit the S.E.A Aquarium, make sure to watch the "360ยบ multimedia Typhoon Theatre where visitors ‘board’ a sailing ship and encounter a perilous storm" - Maritime Museum

A game that shows you how navigators found their position while sailing :-) Really neat!

Chek and I being travellers who long to see land and our loved ones again, hence the "look into the distance" pose.

First glimpse of the aquarium!!!! (From a special entrance hehe)

You are beautiful and wonderful. Constantly reminding myself to stay grounded and not romanticise you or love.

Like this picture, people can seem like they glow / alluring. You have charm in your jokes and personality, that is your strong point! However, we must also not forget that you are human. You make mistakes too so I should not hold bad memories / slip ups against you so harshly. 

I love how the father seems just as interested in the fishes as her daughter is :-)

HINT HINT: only those who pay $2 to watch the short film about a shipwreck will get this reference ;-) HAHAHA

We walked into another area and we saw another very large tank - it was filled with sharks, sharks and more sharks!!! Felt pretty afraid as the sharks swam up close to the glass D;

This tube brings back memories of the stay over school trip to Underwater World @ Sentosa years ago :-)

Large jaws to eat their prey :O

Watching Moray Eels slither around in water and slide their way in and out of man made holes.

Pretty Anthias!!!

Sea Urchins

Lion fish

Lion Fish up close!

Pingu's relative D; Brings back sad memories sobs.

This deep sea fish looks very shocked and afraid haha.

A cool looking nemo~


Battle scars. At first, Chek and I were amazed at the size of the fish. Upon closer inspection, we noticed it had scratch marks and sharp fang-like teeth! I think this one's a fighter.

A school of fish that followed one another back and forth in the tank, haha. Keep going till you can't go any further - okay, that actually sounds quite sad.


Chek contacting his bros - SOLDIER FISH
#NS #Singapore #2Years #Army #SAF

Largest tank (I think) at the S.E.A Aquarium!

Skilful diver feeding the sting rays! It was really cool seeing the stingrays surround him and even envelop the diver!

Therapeutic session

How big one of the fishes in the tank were!!

Onto my favourite sea animals that have no brains (fun fact)! Jellyfish really make me calm.

Chek absorbing the calm atmosphere too ^_^

Cutie jellies that looked like they were falling hahaha!

M a j e s t i c

Moon Jellies!!

A huge tako (octopus) that was just chilling by the glass.

D; Felt pretty sad watching these fishes swimming round and round a man made coral reef inside a glass tube.

This baby was excited to watch the dolphins swim upside down!

A man was commenting to his son, "You know what they say about dolphins swimming upside down. They're stressed. They obviously don't like it in here."

Chek and I heard him, and decided to google it and see if it's true. Myth busted!!!!! Dolphins swim upside down to have a better view to catch prey. Haha, in that moment I was kind of happy to know that Chek and I aren't just brainwashed individuals who believe whatever we are told.

Splendid Garden Eels - really what they are called haha!

Chek's first time seeing a seahorse!

"Is there more to life than this?"

Other visitors also seeking some therapy through the aquarium!

Mmm, that light.

We took the monorail to the last stop and walked to the beach to just chill and wait for the sun to go down :-) The breeze was amazing!

The sand was not hot ^_^

Pretty quiet at the beach since it was a Monday!

This bij trying to get a tan, even though he's already so tanned from Tekong!

Hehe, I really like this picture ^_^
Just our normal selves where I am trying to do something and Chek just acts funny and I have to re-do whatever it was I was trying to accomplish.

Cute tourists attempting a jump shot in the ocean.

It did not occur to me, but when Chek mentioned it I was like, "oh yeah!!" Chek told me how Sentosa's beach waters are actually very dirty, since ships are so near the coast D;

Mmmm, yeah it was a really good day. We managed to accomplish what we wanted to do but by the end of the day we were not dead tired :-) We also got to enjoy the sea breeze and watch the sunset before making our way back home ^_^