Sunday, 5 July 2015

STEP RECITAL 2015 (2 July - 4 July)

2 JUL 2015

 The field was nice - wish I could have played some football on it! Hehe :-)

Pearly and I arrived really (really) early in hope that we could be of some service to Deo in setting up the place. Thankfully our trip down was not wasted, even though we waited for quite a while!

 The stage almost set up!

Squishies getting the first feel of the floor seats and cushions!

Chilling with them cushions and mama Deo who is so happy to have us HAHAHA

Photo credits: Nicole G.

Zhineng in his uniform!! The pose of an awkward prepubescent boy amongst girls.

 These two seem excited HAHAHA

creatures who make sloth sounds
and are small enough to fit inside closets.
You can occasionally find them scurrying around kitchens looking for food to eat.

3 JUL 2015

 Line up for the show :-)

Dat face tho @Nicole

 I'm a rich woman, and I like my coats thick and extravagant to hide my insecurities. Derp.

 Kristie when she suddenly started going around hugging people and asking for individual photos hehehe!

4 JUL 2015

 Good weather meets storm.

 Much hipster many cool

 Jocelyn!!! All ready for Day 2 - it's super adorable how her boyfriend came for both days of the performance to support her! :-)

 Nicole is also ready HAHA! Ever camera ready~

 Waiting waiting waiting

 Cute mirrors.
This is actually the Male toilet but it was eventually overrun by females HEHE!

Cutiepies whom I am so thankful for - Thanks for not only being my closest friends but my dancing buddies too <3 Doing things we all love together is really a blessing ^_^

Hair was on point so - SELFIE (using a mirror)

 Delicious yam cakes!!!

 Pearly the zoo keeper and her (not so tame) gorilla pet who loves yam cakes HAHAHA

 "What is this marshmallow thing?" *bij face*

 Fur coat used in Kellie's Kpop item!

 The two who made this all possible :-)
I am really grateful for them, because I would not have met all these amazing people from STEP if they did not pursue their passion for dance <3

 Nicole trying to be in the slefie HAHAHA

 Never cried so much for such a long time (for good reasons).

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return."

Been thinking about this quote the past few days when I ponder about the 3 months of preparation for this recital. It's truly a great blessing from God - I've made many beautiful memories that I will hold dear to my heart as the years go by. Call it luck or fate, I'm just thankful to be able to be myself with this group of dancers and that they accept me as I am. In fact, they also love me back and it's just an amazing feeling to know that. I don't think such chances will come by again in the future so I won't ever forget this. I hope to bring forward this attitude of loving others in all areas of my life ahead!

 Hehe, their eyes are the same here!

Dancing with them on stage instantly brings a smile to my face. For all those watching us, know that our smiles and happiness to dance are genuine :-) I was so happy and I wanted so badly to transfer my happiness to the audience - like I wanted them to know how much fun I had with this group of people and like, "hey! Dancing is fun because you get to make friends and make wonderful memories like the ones I made during this recital. So, go on and try it out!"

 In my top favourite photos for life HAHA - A PHOTO WITH SEAN :-) Sigh really going to miss going for his classes D; Thanks for always being genuine and passionate and caring WHEE <3

 (I really like this unexpected edit hehe)

 I realised that I really liked how small the recital was - it was cosy and homey and just 120% fun. I think my brain is telling me what I am looking for in the future haha.

None of this would have been possible if any one of these people weren't in our recital. From bullying Zhineng to Jocelyn always taking videos & pictures of me to Deo making fun of Pearly to Ysabel cooking for us and so so much more!

You all ensured that I had no regrets joining STEP Recital 2015 :-)