Monday, 6 July 2015


SUNDATE - Start of block leave for Chek :-)

Went for the well known buffet with oysters from 3 countries @ Carousel, Royal Scotts Hotel. Food was delicious~ Here are some pictures we took before leaving the house!

 My favourite dress :-) I did not even wear it out in the end HAHA! I wore a looser dress so I could stuff more food into my belly ^>^

 Sorry if I lashed out at you the past few days :< Digressing a bit, a lot of things have been on my mind and getting me stressed out. I really don't want to let it affect this block leave Chek has with me and it's frustrating when I get annoyed grr! On another note, I really want to show my lavu in another way. It's not always about being happy and 'lovey dovey', but rather being there for the other person and being dependable + responsible + trustable + faithful. Been getting frustrated with myself for getting pissed over little things and regretting it later. I guess I'm unhappy because I am not being the happiest I can be and I am not being a better partner, in my opinion.

Back to happy/ridiculous pictures!!

 Had a mini photoshoot when Chek found this army hat, which belongs to YJ, lying around in Justine's room. He was super duper excited, going on about how only high ranks can wear it.

 My house is a jungle for you the explore.

Mama Chin looking as beautiful as this lighting! :-)