Monday, 29 December 2014

Nepal 2014 | Bhaktapur & Patan

Our second tour day as well as last day in Kathmandu!

We visited the nearby towns from Thamel, seeing mostly temples and houses!

Papa Chin finally got his Singing Bowl, and he’s so happy about it hehe!

Went to an area famous for making ceramics – I’ve never seen so many pots and vases on the ground before!

I think by far the best meal in Kathmandu and I will never forget it.
We also visited the cremation site in Kathmandu, and I learnt a lot there.

I respect how the Hindus diligently pay respect to their family members who have passed on.

Even though death is sad, it is not something we should shun or try to hide from. I think that is what I admire about the people -  that they accept it and prepare for it.

I really really enjoyed my stay in Nepal, much more than I expected myself to! I still remember having doubts about the place – Would I be bored? Would I get sick from the food being dirty?

I’m glad nothing like that happened. In exchange for losing my luggage, I got a fulfilling holiday with my Chin people hehe!