Wednesday, 7 January 2015


So, I am writing this on the morning of my third day of work. I just got my first job and I’ve been pretty stressed out by it.

It’s probably because I have never experienced this kind of pressure to learn and apply something in such a short span of time. Plus it involves almost constant human interaction with customers and working partners.

I still have to give myself some credit because my workplace is pretty big that even having 7 people working is not sufficient.

I remember the end of my first day of work: I was so tired and drained and I really just wanted it to end right there. I kept telling my friends (met up with 4DG for a while aye), family and Chek how I was desperately wishing for my workdays to end.

However, none of this helped me feel any better about my situation or myself. I guess the only successful thing that did make me feel better was praying. God really made me feel at ease and have the strength to keep going on. I guess it was the little things he did for me: making me not feel alone when I cried; letting me see a small cute rainbow on the way to work and being there with me when I felt everything was getting better.

Indeed, my second day of work (yesterday) was so much better than the first. This really gives me hope that the rest of the days will get easier and better :-)


1 peter 5:7
Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you