Tuesday, 20 January 2015

A lot has happened in the past week and it still feels pretty surreal. I’m starting out again and I get this constant mixture of empowerment and fear.

I am excited to do something with my holidays, and that it won’t totally take away my rest time. However, I am also so afraid that I won’t be happy with my choices.

I keep recalling how my father told me last Sunday that “you can’t like everything, or else it this would be paradise.”

I think that’s what’s keeping me calmer – knowing that I will definitely face obstacles but that within those difficulties there will be things I am satisfied with.

So now I just hope for the best and that I will adapt well this time. I pray that I will have perseverance and strength for my upcoming battles.

On a side note, Chek got into Pes B for army! I am really proud of him, and I know he’ll do just fine while he’s serving the nation hehe.