Saturday, 24 January 2015

Tiramisu Cafe

Still my dad’s favourite cafe, hehe how cute ^_^

 Short people problems :-(

 This was angled hehehe

 Not bad!! A tad bit too filling for one person, so thank goodness my sister and I shared this.

 My dad’s pick – some fun pun bun burger HAHA! It even came with a pun attached to it!

 And of course the tiramisu itself – we tried horlicks this time! It was not too bad :-) I can’t wait to try other flavours.

 Oh my goodness – this really made my night! Best dessert / dish for me :-)

I’ve been looking for a good thick toast dessert, after being terribly disappointed before. 
Imagine: Nutella sauce + ice cream + banana + honey soaked bread

Cool Chins doing what we do best.