Wednesday, 14 January 2015

It's been a while.

Finally Erica, Pearly, Nicole and I had time to meet up today! This was probably the shortest time we took to arrange a meet up as well as a BBQ session, haha.

 Really good food! I never enjoyed mushrooms as much as today, haha. Cheese really makes everything 10 times tastier :-)

 Master Chef Foo in the house this afternoon! Without him we probably would not have gotten 85% of the deliciously cooked BBQ food, so thank you!

 Getting these round bacons was a pretty good idea because they turned out great! Plus they look cute too, so that’s an extra point.

 Erica aka our house DJ for the day, yo yo turn that shit up & drink some watermelon juice (?)

(I know you will one day read this, Erica hehehe)

 Finally put my Christmas present to good use :-)

M E E P 

Pearls brought us to ION Sky where we were able to see a clear view of almost the whole of Singapore. 

It felt so refreshing and amazing to be up so high, right next to the clouds.

 Loved the small fun facts that were plastered onto the glass windows :-)

 Goon needs to learn how to use the selfie stick to take better angles haha.


 Young explorers (who are actually stalking people).

 I really liked this quotation because it kind of sums up my own feelings towards clouds. I think they’re really amazing and I just like looking at them.

 Probably will join this Cloud Appreciation Society hehehe!

 Our bubble tea cravings turned into ice cream cravings! Slowly learning to enjoy maccha ice cream more :-)

I C E   C O L D   G A L S

To end off the day, we chilled at Orchard Library reading and chatting. It was a nice warm feeling :-)