Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Let's get physical

Such good weather???

 Somehow, Snapchat photos look pretty nice – maybe it’s because they’re longer ?

 These tired girls hehe. Good game of tennis! It was like my first/second official lesson of tennis. Thanks Pearly sensei~

 After that we played pool! Again, Pearly sensei taught us how to hit them balls HAHA. How on earth is she so good at this??

 Badminton in the carpark area where we got chased out for being too loud because people were studying, hmm. 

 Rebecca: “Let’s take a pretty picture!!”


Pearly brought us to this small playground that has the most amazing swing? 
Probably because when you swing high enough, you can only see the blue sky and clouds – pretty awesome!
Plus, I got the roller-coaster-stomach-going-up-&-down feeling hehehe.