Sunday, 28 December 2014

Nepal 2014 | Monkey Temple & Boudhanath

First day of our real touring in the Kathmandu Valley!

I really like this shot of the bird flying by, captured in between buildings.

Two of my Chins freezing their butts out waiting for breakfast to arrive.

M O N K E Y     T E M P L E

I really appreciated the quote found on the walls of the pool:

“May Peace Prevail On Earth”

I think it has a really beautiful meaning, and this way of life is something we should all strive to achieve.

The eyes are Buddha’s eyes, while the painted yellow parts represent a lotus.

I learnt that the middle of this who structure is where everyone of this religion aims to attain: nirvana. So to the people, maintaining balance and finding your centre is very crucial.

Also, from the top of the structure it looks like:

We had lunch at a rooftop restaurant where we could eat lunch and view the Great Buddha Stupa at the same time :-)

Of course our guide had ‘connections’ with this restaurant that he brought us to, and I don’t blame him for it. But the food was actually pretty good already!

How I miss Nepalese food  :’(

After that our guide brought us to a painting school that also sells paintings made by the students themselves.

I was really impressed by the amount of detail each artwork had, and I learnt a lot about Buddhism.

There is a concept called: The Wheel Of Life

It reminds followers of the three weaknesses of men: Greed, Ignorance & Anger.

This painting and idea also guides people in doing the right things, and not to commit evil. This is because evil doings result in punishment, as seen from the images of hell and torture.

Even though it may appear scary and daunting, but the meaning behind this concept enlightens me. I hope that the future me will be able to overcome man’s weaknesses and become a better person :-)

Himalayan salt rock! So big.

It was our last night in Kathmandu so we decided to use it to explore the streets surrounding Potala Guest House. Surprisingly, there are many bakeries along these streets (as seen in the above picture). The cakes & breads looked really delicious, but I regret not going in to buy some :-(

For our last proper dinner in Kathmandu, we could not leave without trying some momo! Something I had been repeatedly asking for since day 1 of our trip hehe.

We ate at a Momo Hut outlet, one near Potala Guest House. We tried the chicken flavoured one and the cheese & garlic one too. At the end of the meal, I picked the cheese & garlic one as my ultimate favourite! It had an authentic Nepalese taste and I just love it.
I will definitely go back again :-)

Momo Hut also has a book where customers can write down their thanks / observations / drawings! So of course we couldn't leave without saying a few words (especially papa chin haha).