Sunday, 28 December 2014

Nepal 2014 | Thamel & Garden of Dreams

 Came back to our hotel – Potala Guest House – after our Mt. Everest flight & delicious breakfast!

The hotel is worth its money because the most important thing is: hot water + warm beds to fight to cold in December!

 Papa Chin trying to be Indiana Jones, but he is in our eyes!! #smooth

 When the other Chin can’t let go of wifi or her other half hahaha.

 Potala Guest House has a rooftop garden!! It makes a good place for late night drinking – the alcohol keeps you warm in the cold.

That doesn't mean that anyone should excessively drink either!

 Beautiful model Chin in the (Potala Guest) house!

 Been seeing too many staircase photos on Instagram, so I could not help myself hehe.

 The funny thing about thus picture is that I did not realise my head was inside till I got back to Singapore!! I had a good laugh about it, haha.

 Off we went to explore the Thamel – a popular tourist shopping area.


 All around this area there are people trying to pick tourists up on their mini taxis.

 Sutra Karma on the right, hehehe.

It’s so strange to see that both in Bali and Nepal there are random artworks of Bob Marley!

We went to the Garden of Dreams because I saw it on Trip Advisor before our trip. My father obviously thought it was a waste of money, sorry papa Chin!!

Really like this picture :-)

Found a nice coffee shop while exploring Thamel. Our bland masala tea went really well with the delicious brownie, which my sister was craving for.

My dad had some caramel espresso – if I ever come back to this shop I will definitely buy this!

We spent our first day in Nepal relaxing after our flight over Mt. Everest, but it was really fun exploring the area :-)

I am glad my dad is pretty adventurous despite his age because we got to see much much more from us following him wandering around.