Saturday, 27 December 2014

Nepal 2014 | Mt Everest Fly Over

First day in Nepal, Kathmandu!
Woke up at 5am to get picked up by our driver, where we were brought to a mini airport.

 I did not know what to expect from this flight, but the scenery on the way to our small jet plane had already gotten me excited!

 Thanks cute little girl for looking at my camera, it made the shot 100 times more interesting :-)

 Could not help myself and opened the window from inside the bus to get some shots of the scenery passing by! My sister kept complaining that it was freezing and told me to close the window but I refused, haha! Nothing will stop me from getting them beautiful shots *sound of shuttering cameras*!

However, I do admit that my fingers were almost frozen haha! It was really really cold.

 Kept asking myself, “is it the golden hour?? This light is amazing!”

Haha, but it really was! I fell in love with the pictures I took that morning :-)

 We finally boarded our tiny aircraft, which even I had trouble walking to my seat.

But it was totally awesome because it was my first time getting on one of these small planes. Furthermore, we were going to see snow capped mountains!!!

 I really like this shot – reminds me of those old paintings that people would frame using oval / round borders.

 Part of the package was a chance for passengers to go to the cockpit area, where the pilot’s assistant tells you where the plane is and which mountain is which.

Hehe, yeah once again it was really cool!

 That’s Mt. Everest in the distance!!

My father argues that “Mt. Everest” sounds ugly and the mountain should follow its original name: Sagarmatha. I guess I agree with him because it is a physical feature of Nepal and the mountain has spiritual and religious powers that the country believes in!

 On our ride back to the mini airport area!

 ~ Some Masala Tea ~

Learnt to appreciate tea more on this trip as well!

Our lovely driver for the trip – Mr. Gopal (who is extremely adorable and has a smile & laughter that feels like sunshine to me, haha!) – brought us to a nice quaint restaurant: Daura Chulo

Daura Chulo translated would be something like food cooked with wood fire!

We really really enjoyed the bread and curry sauce that accompanied it.

Having a hot meal in the cold morning is really one of life’s blessings that I want to remember!

Daura Chulo