Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Bali 2014 | Bali Tour Day

Really awesome breakfast to start off our long day!
I had Indonesian Mee Goreng, yum yum.

Chek had found a day tour guide while we were at Sanur Beach the day before.
His name is Wayan Matur.

Phone Number:
081 239 88162

I recommend him because he knows where to go and discover more about Bali. Obviously there were some cons, which I will be discussing later on.

It cost 40 USD for 4 / 2 people altogether.

Our first stop was Batuan Temple.
$0 entrance fee but donations are encouraged (more like expected).

There’s a funny story behind the nose of the turtle stone, but I’ll keep it a secret hehe.

This is where the broken or eroded stone sculptures are put away. It’s kind of a sad view knowing that some of these stones had to be put aside due to the lack of care of people.

Our tour guide, Wayan, likes to take random things and give it to us. I have also noticed that many Bali men like to put flowers such as frangipanis on their ears. Apparently it’s for good luck, but I also think it is really cute :-)

Our second stop was a traditional Bali house, which is open to pubic for viewing. I guess since it became a tourist location, the owner decided to make the space an art house where you can buy paintings.

$0 entrance fee!

I had quite a nice time appreciating the paintings displayed because you can really tell the amount of effort taken to complete each piece.

I would definitely have bought a painting if I had my own place, hehe.

Next stop: Tegenungan Waterfall

IDR 10,000/person entrance fee

It’s quite a far walk down if you want to get closer to the waterfall. That being said, it’s one hell of a climb back up haha.

TIP: Bali really is not the best tourist destination to go to if you have family members who have difficulty walking.

I think this was the first time I had ever seen a waterfall at such close proximity, so it was quite a pleasant sight. I found it especially fun trying to manoeuvre my way across the rocks to get a closer view of the waterfall hehe.

As you can see, Chek and I were struggling to climb back up haha! A consequence of the lack of exercising for months.

Also, this was a pre-vomit picture of my man. Poor thing :-(

TIP: DON’T gulp water down right after you have climbed these steep stairs.

On to Goa Gajah / Elephant Cave.

IDR 15,000/person entrance fee

I was expecting a bit more from this cave but I guess I was expecting too much, haha! This also makes me sad because I cannot fully appreciate cultures :/

Was really impressed by the extent of erosion & weathering of this huge rock!

Favourite attraction of the day: Bali Coffee Plantation
$0 entrance fee!!

I was not expecting to enjoy this location at all. When Wayan introduced us to it the day before at Sanur I actually told Chek that I wanted to give it a miss. However, I am thankful Wayan still brought us there!

You don’t have to pay to enter and you get to learn and see different fruits, herbs & coffee beans! What’s even better is that you get an awesome scenery while trying 12 types of coffees/teas for free!

Everyone travelling to Bali should check this place out.

Having the wind blowing through your hair keeping you cool while tasting tea & coffee felt amazingly calming. I felt rushed by my mother and Wayan and sadly could not finish drinking all the tasters :-(

Rice tea!
We decided to try the Luwak coffee, which is civet poop (putting it plainly). It cost IDR 50,000 and to me only worth it if you’ve never tried civet coffee. Unfortunately it was not to my liking, so there went S$5 down the drain!

Lunch stop: Lakeview Restaurant next to Mt Batur

By then I realised that our tour guide brought us to certain places because of his connections and the commission he gets from sending tourists there. For lunch, Wayan brought us to a buffet restaurant that had a good view of Mt Batur.

The food was alright but the restaurant is only worth a visit if you get a seat outside. Even sitting outside you get pestered by house flies to continuously attack your food.

Missing Indonesian goreng pisang :-(

Haha, Wayan picking up things again: I’m guessing this is ash fall from the volcano. This was a pretty cool souvenir :-)

On the way to dinner at Jimbaran beach, we stopped by Cening Bagus.
ATTENTION: just buy lots from this shop because the prices here are cheaper than in Ubud/Kuta areas + you don’t even need to bargain.

Address: Jalan Raya Batu Bulan no. 100X, Bali 80361
Opening Hours: 7am – 9pm

Final attraction of the day: Seafood dinner by Jimbaran Beach!

Being honest (even with myself), seafood dinner along this famous tourist area is not worth the money.

TIP: Come to Jimbaran beach for the sunset, NOT the seafood.

This is what we paid for IDR 120,000,000 (which is about S$120). Yes, it is filling but I would not say it’s the best seafood I have ever tasted. The clams tasted a bit off.

Despite the bad price we paid, I am really grateful for my company :-)

As you can see, the sunset is really amazing. I’ve never seen the sky change so many colours before. I wish Singapore had such skies, haha!

Tour day with Wayan was probably the most fun day of our trip. I recommend it for shorter stays in Bali because the guide covers almost all there is to see in Bali.