Monday, 4 April 2016

JDC 2016

Bionic supporters :-) Thanks cutiepies for coming down to watch Eliz, Yu Han, Pearly and I!

Picture with my roomie WEEW! Very blessed to have a constant person with me experiencing growth in dance together. Photo creds to our Jyrah papa with mad photo skills hahaha.

When lighting is good, you take photos. But really, I was so impressed by this natural lighting HAHA. It made us look like we were in some photo studio. 

With my pap and ma, who adopted me HAHA. No wonder I look mixed.

Finally, Danana. I noticed that I don't like to say too much during circle HTHTs / on instagram posts because I am scared it'll just bore people heh. Great that I have this little space for me to pour everything out :-))

Anyway, I am just really thankful for our three wonderfully talented choreographers [Danial, Xue Zhen, Nina]. They are incredible dancers who know how to help us grow. I've learnt more about my own body by being under their guidance. To Danial who teaches us how to be a dancer - in our movements and in our attitudes. To Xue Zhen who teaches us how to understand our body better. To Nina who pushes our bodies to go harder and not to give up.

To the Dananancers, every single one of you are passionate about dancing. I am so grateful for MJ to give me this family whom I can share my own passion with. It really is one of the best feelings on earth. I always believe that dance has a way of bonding people like no other thing can. You guys really make me want to work harder and contribute back to MJ in any way I can :-) I hope we stay together for a very long time, and that this JDC is just the start of our growth as a team and as dancers <3