Saturday, 23 April 2016

Chek's 21st Birthday!!!

First activity clue unraveled: Cloud Forest @ GBTB :-) Sadly, I found out that Chek had already been here before. So, it was only my first time going haha.

Is it my boyfriend is model materialz?? 

Apparently the two winding walkways above are supposed to make a heart shape hehe. 


It's basically a gigantic man-made rock covered in flowers and leaves hahaha. However, it is a very pretty one. 

Nice to see some old folks getting tours of beautiful attractions in Singapore :-)

"You're doing exactly what I did when I came here the first time!" - Chek 


Chek reading the next clue :-) They were really easy la haha. 

2nd activity clue unraveled: Arts Science Museum's "Future World" exhibition!

I guess we should have gone for the "5 Degrees" special effects show back at the Cloud Forest, because I made us wait too long before being able to enter the exhibition hahaha. 

When we were at this station, so many parents were queuing up to lift their babies and make silhouettes of themselves HAHA!

Mine on the left, Chek's (cancerous fish) on the right. 


h i p s t e r  c o l o u r s 

Buffet @ Ikoi Japanese Restaurant! The sashimi is alright, and I would say that their non-sashimi ala-carte items are better!!! 

SURPRISING THIS SMALL BOY WAS THE MOST DIFFICULT THING EVER (even though yes I admit that I did slip up a few times along the way...).


Wew! Thanks everyone for coming :-)

Unwrapping them gifts after everyone left and we cleaned up. 

Thank you person(s) for buying him a nice plain shirt (for my viewing pleasure hehe). 

It was a good day, though I was really quite bummed (still am) out that he knew it was going to happen :-( Oh well!! The most important thing is that he had fun :')