Wednesday, 18 February 2015

V-Day 2 0 1 5

Can't believe that it is already February? I would say the months since 'A' Levels ended have passed pretty quickly, but at the same time I am glad that there's still some months to go before University.

Besides that, Chek and I went on another Choomal Adventure for Valentine's Day this year :-)

While I was waiting for the boy to come to Caldecott station, I looked around for possible 'photo shoot locations'. I was in the mood to take pictures since I brought along my film camera hehe.

 We climbed up a very steep hill and took some photos there ^_^ (Thanks Chek for accommodating me)

 Right next to the MRT station were these blocks of houses, and I'm guessing they were for foreign workers and their families :-) 

I thought the buildings looked pretty old school, plus I was intrigued by the red bricks in the picture above!

 From Caldecott station, we crossed over to a place much bigger and astonishing.
- O L I V E   R O A D -

Both of us had never seen such humongous houses in our lives. Chek exclaimed, "Isn't it scary that people can afford these houses??"

It got me thinking and yeah it is pretty scary. Maybe I've never had that thought before because I've never had to think about housing.

It was a really interesting walk with the bae and we've always wanted to explore this area so yay! We've finally done it :-)

iSteaks Grillhouse @ Holland Village!!
Our favourite Western food restaurant at the moment. It had taken over Astons's spot in our hearts :O

I was really satisfied with my decision to go with the lamb shoulder (so so good!!).

iSteaks Grillhouse

Holland Village Food Court
33 Lorong Liput
Singapore 277744


56 Serangoon Garden Way
Stalls 5 & 6

Such a fun V-day with boobface :-)