Tuesday, 3 February 2015

New Werk! New Life!

Haha, may be a bit too exaggerated with the title but I really do feel much happier now! Managed to find a place really near my home and that saves me so much on travelling expenses, so thank goodness for that.

Also, work hours are not as long and I am comfortable with that :-) I even had time to do some reading today! I am glad everybody at work is pretty chill as long as you do your part. I guess I like it a lot there because I just have to complete what I have to do for the day and I get a lot of free time after that.

The funny thing is that I am going to collect my pay cheque from my old work place today!! Mildly terrified, to be honest. However, I am glad I might be able to see Sophia again :-)

Even if things turn sour, I promised myself that I would smile and be gracious because some people don’t know how to control themselves.

Back to my much better working life now, haha, I am just really thinking about how much I will be able to earn because I am using all my work money to pay for my holiday expenses. But as Pearly said: 
so I shall just do what I have to do each day till April comes!
Non-work news:
Work clashes with morning events but I am glad that I can still attend evening dance classes with my dancing bb gurls <3

I am also very thankful for frisbee sessions on Sunday morning :-) 

Yeah, I guess this is just an update of my life now, which I’ve wanted to write out for quite some time.