Wednesday, 11 May 2016

HONG KONG 2016 DAY 2: MacLehose Trail Section 2

 Early morning so that we could start our trek on time!

So apparently every single day store owners put up and take down their entire store set ups :-O It's insane!! Ladies' Market owners, y'all strong yo.

Basically us ??
Chek being a carefree spirit while I handle the admin stuff.
W H Y  

Such a pretty MTR station :-)

How to get to MacLehose Trail Section 2:

  • Choi Hung Station (green)
  • Left of Exit C2 Green Minibus 1A → Sai Kung Minibus Station
[4 mins; 25 mins journey; 8.4HKD; 6:30AM-12:30AM]
right Exit C2KMB Bus 92 → Sai Kung Bus Terminus
[12/20 mins; 40 mins journey; 6.8HKD; 6AM-11PM]
  • Take a green taxi from Sai Kung Town (30 mins ride; 110HKD; 2657 2267)
  • Start @ High Island Reservoir
  • End @ Sai Wan Pavilion
  • Take village bus NR29 [25 mins ride; 17HKD] OR Take a green taxi to Sai Kung Town 

Village Bus 29R Timetable (Sai Kung Town Centre to Sai Wan Pavilion)
Sai Kung Town Centre
(Chan Man Street)
Sai Wan Pavilion
Monday to Friday
(except Public Holidays)
(except Public Holidays)
Sunday and Public Holidays
(every 20 - 30 min)
08:30 - 11:4508:30 - 12:00
14:00 - 16:3014:30 - 18:30

A really really beautiful and peaceful trek (on weekdays). So glad we made time to do this :-) 

That water bag saved my life hahaha.

Bring and DRINK lots and lots of water frequently throughout the trek to avoid heat exhaustion. Heat exhaustion is a build up so it will strike you without warning. If you are having headaches through the trek, rest in shaded areas and drink up.

 Long Ke beach!

 Little pavilion where the wind was amazing at the bottom heh ;-)

Favourite parts of the hike: getting to do some rock climbing HAHA! 

 Reached the top of the mountain!!!

And here we met a cow AT THE PEAK OF THE MOUNTAIN eating some grass. He refused to let us pass as he enjoyed his meal. How do these cows even get up here??? 

 Sharp Peak mountain in the distance!

Finally reached back to Sai Kung Town :-) It was a tiring hike but worth it all hehe! 

        Kau Kee Brisket

21 Gough Street, Central, Hong Kong
(15-20 min walk from Central or Sheung Wan MTR)

Opening Hours:
12:30pm – 10:30pm (Mon-Sat), Closed Sun

Notice that I didn't take any pictures at all of the meals we had during this trip because local stores are very pushy HAHA! It's a "eat and get lost" concept.

Tai Cheung Bakery

G/F, 35 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central (Exit D2)

Back to Central because I don't even know how we got there hahaha.